5 Ways to Support Local businesses for the Holidays

It’s great to remember that small business are often run by locals in and from the community, so by supporting these businesses you are directly helping locals in your area and also boosting your local economy.

  1. Actually SHOP
    • This point comes without saying and is the most obvious, but actually utilizing your dollar at a small business (especially local) during the holiday season recycles that dollar back into your local economy. Small businesses often have unique items that are special to the local area, culture, or specific trade that they specialize in. This can bring your gift giving to a new level by providing something extra special to that extra special person.
  2. Leave a Great Review
    • Spending your hard earned money isn't the only way you can be of service to a small business you love. If you enjoy the service, products, and people, then let them and the public know that this is a trustworthy company with quality products.
  3. Share on Social media
    • Similarly to leaving a review, sharing local small businesses on social media platforms is an amazing way to expand their reach with no cost to you.
  4. Sign Up for Emails
    • Many small businesses are virtual in some way and do email newsletters (us included). Signing up to to their email list to receive promotions and information can be a huge jump in metrics which directly shows the company who is interested in their business/market.
    • If the small business is a physical location or sells a physical product, going in to make purchases or even just browsing will mean a world of difference. Even bring friends for extra support! Word of mouth is one of the best way to help promote a business.