Kirrston's Kollections: Collection of Natural, Unconventional items made the Creole way

I already know what you’re thinking, how is this company selling creole seasoning and essential oils and how does that fit together. I am here to tell you that K’s Kreole seasoning and Uriah’s Xpressions essential oils are a perfect fit for this site and why they’re a perfect fit for you. 


Kirrston’s Kollections is a small business based out of Louisiana and our entire purpose is to share our genuine passion for promoting a more natural way of life. Our mission is to inspire others to live a more authentic, wholesome, and vibrant lifestyle, while bringing higher quality products to you. With that being said, we practice what we preach and decided to create a collection of products that we ourselves use in our daily lives, which are made from our own recipes and made with all natural ingredients.  We do our best to be as transparent as possible.

Now that I’ve touched basis about who we are as a company, I’ll explain more about the products themselves and how they came about. As of now, Kirrston’s Kollectons produces two types of products: K’s Kreole seasoning blend and Uriah’s Xpressions essential oil essences.


K’s Kreole seasoning with a Twist:

We designed K’s Kreole to have higher quality ingredients and a lower salt content while still packing the Louisiana flavor that everybody loves. K's Kreole is great for seasoning any food, from appetizers to main dishes. Add some spice to your life!!

K’s Kreole is a delectable seasoning blend that was formulated to nurture and satisfy your senses. The idea was thought of due to me using Himalayan Pink Salt to cook with. I figured, why not customize a creole blend by adding Himalayan Pink Salt instead of white table salt! Sweet Onion Sugar is also added for a light hint of sweetness.”

                                                -Words from the Founder Kirrston Mclendon

We use Himalayan Pink Salt that comes from a certified authentic, Kosher certified and Organic compliant company that provides one of the highest quality Ancient Ocean Himalayan Pink Salt. Their salt is all natural, allergen and cruelty-free.

~ No Preservatives, No Silicone Dioxide, No MSG, No added chemicals


Uriah’s Xpressions Oils with Essence

Uriah's Xpressions was created to provide an all natural therapeutic essence that will stimulate your senses. These can be used as a natural perfume, hand or body oil, or simply applies to pulse points for an aromatherapy experience. A little goes a long way.

Essential Oils can enter the body by inhalation through the olfactory system or absorption through the surface of the skin. These oils are pre-diluted for better absorption. Made with 100% natural essential oils. Carrier oils are fractioned coconut, jojoba, and apricot oils.



I hope all of this information gives you more insight about who we are as a company, as well as our morals and values. It’s important to us that we develop a personal connection with you and build a sense of community. We are constantly working to grow and improve as much as we can.  We thank you for your support throughout this journey!

Also while you’re here, I’m happy to say that we will adding new items to our unique collection very soon. Be on the lookout for updates and feel free to ask us any questions that you may have.  Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you next time!